Habits, routine and convenience were major blocks for us in our transition to a more eco-friendly and low-tox lifestyle - particularly in the kitchen. There were a few plastic items that seemed irreplaceable, as it was easier to pull out the glad wrap and whip it over that half eaten avocado or slip a few cookies into a ziplock bag for the kids’ lunchboxes. I started to re-examine my use of plastic a few years back when the school our kids attend started Wrapper Free Wednesday, where the students were encouraged to have no plastic wrappers in their lunchbox once a week.  This, along with our eco-conscience triggered the beginning of our plastic swap-out in our kitchen and, over time, we have eliminated the plastic waste and replaced it with recyclable, eco-friendly storage. These changes have not only helped us to become more environmentally friendly, but also helped our hip pocket. We hope these ideas help and make your transition a little easier too:


These were the bane of my existence, especially when I started packing school lunches. The smell of some foods would contaminate the containers and the stains from certain foods were impossible to remove. Then, after learning about BPA (see my blog on 5 ways to create a healthier more eco-friendly home), switching to stainless steel was a no brainer. Some of the containers we use at home can be found in our Lunchboxes Collection and another favourite compartment lunchbox we recommend is the Planetbox.


Super convenient and being leak proof were the major attractions to zip lock bags. However,  plastic consumption has always played on my mind as a big contributor to our environmental concerns. The convenience was something I found hard to part with,  but since finding the Activated Eco Silicone Storage Pouches and the 4myEarth Food Bags, food storage no longer plays on my eco-conscience.  These are perfect to store frozen bananas, cheese or sending fruit snacks to school with the kids.


Probably, the hardest thing for us to replace in the kitchen has been cling wrap as it’s such an asset to the kitchen cupboard.  However,  since buying Activated Eco’s Round Silicone Covers, we no longer need the Glad Wrap.  These are handy when you’re in need of a cover for half eaten fruit or a lid for those unfinished meals. Another glad wrap recommendation is the Cababee Beeswax wraps which have also been a contributing product to eliminate our Glad Wrap use.

Hope this has helped.

Warmest wishes in health,

Reanna and Ross, xx