Switching From Tampons to a Menstrual Cup - A Game Changer

Swapping out tampons for a menstrual cup is a game changer. Not only will you save money, you are reducing your carbon footprint, cutting the amount of toxins entering your body and adding an extra level of convenience to your life.

So what is a menstrual cup you say? It is a flexible cup shaped device made from medical grade silicon, rubber or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) that you wear in your vagina to catch the blood from your period over an 8-12 hour timeframe. Upon changing, you dispose of the blood down the toilet, rinse it in the sink and reinsert. A simple process with so many benefits. Here are the benefits we have enjoyed:


Whilst the initial outlay of buying a menstrual cup seems hefty (ranging from $30-$50) in the long run you will save money as for some women, they last up to ten years and the fact that you don’t have to purchase tampons monthly is a great saving in both time and money.  


The impact tampons have on landfill is huge. More than 660 million disposable feminine products end up in landfill every year just in Australia and this is results from the following information: Women have their period for approximately forty years and it is estimated she will use between 9,600 and 11,000 tampons in her lifetime. Crazy fact but imagine the feeling of knowing you have reduced that landfill by simply using a menstrual cup instead.


Tampon use has been linked with toxic shock syndrome (TSS) which is a rare life-threatening condition whereas menstrual cups have no correlation. While improvements have been made to reduce the toxicity levels in tampons, they are still not 100% free from by-products during the bleaching process and unlike tampons, menstrual cups don’t dry the vagina. This preserves the healthy bacteria that protect you from vaginal infections.


Gaining time is another benefit of switching to menstrual cups.  Not only will you save yourself trips to the shops/pharmacy to purchase tampons monthly, you reduce your trips to the bathroom, as menstrual cups only need emptying every 8-12 hours. This is especially useful for overnight use. 

When flow is not too heavy we also sell a range of menstrual pads (both reusable and disposable) and menstural underwear to make that time of the month a breeze.

Here at The Natural Fam, we provide tried and tested menstrual cups to help you to make the switch.  If you want more information feel free to reach out info@thenaturalfam.com - we'd love to help!

Warmest wishes in health,

Reanna, xx