Our Journey 

We are parents to three children with a passion for living a healthy, wholesome and natural lifestyle. Our journey began when our oldest daughter began Prep, 6 years ago and was continually coming home with sickness after sickness. Knowing this was not normal, we began to research and seek the help of holistic health professionals.  As we researched, our eyes were opened to the questionable ingredients in the food we ate, the products we used on our body and within our home on a daily basis which could've potentially been hindering our health. This led us to investigate healthy alternatives, little by little we cleared out the chemicals and toxins in our home and have filled it with natural nourishing ones. This was a gradual process and certainly didn't happen overnight but with these changes we have seen huge improvements in our health, wellbeing and resilience.  After experiencing such life changing results, our passion became to share this information with the wider community and The Natural Fam came to life. 

Our Mission

We hope to help as many families as possible create an eco-friendly, toxin-free household.  At The Natural Fam, we strive to offer alternatives to live as sustainably and toxin free as possible, filling homes with natural products from the bathroom, to the kitchen, to the laundry and bedroom.
Our experience of chemicals and toxins in the environment and their negative impact on our bodies and health has driven us to bring an awareness and provide alternatives to reduce this impact. Recognising the environment outside of our homes and the toxins impacting us is somewhat out of our control, we decided to act on what we can control and replace many of the products within our household with nourishing, low toxin ones that promote health, not hinder it. We have sourced and will continue to research the best ethical, eco-friendly, natural and organic products for every family member and put them into our store, so families can create their own health haven and transform their house to health.  We hope you enjoy. 

Warmest wishes in health, 

Ross, Reanna, Pip, Baya and Andi, xx