EUCOCLEAN Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Instant - Hospital Strength 125ml


EucoClean Instant Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is a Hospital Grade disinfectant formula that destroys 99.99% of germs on contact. EucoClean utilises an Organic Compound as its approved active which outperforms alcohol-based hand sanitisers due to its “persistence on the skin” as reported in the American Journal of Infectious Control. Unlike alcohol-based hand sanitisers that evaporate from the skin within minutes of application, EucoClean Instant Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser kills germs instantly and stays active on the skin for hours, or until washed off. EucoClean Instant Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is 100% biodegradable soft on the skin and non-flammable.


Organic Quaternary Salt Compounds (BZK), Tylose, Glycerine, Water.

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