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Foraged For You Mother's Essentials


A certified organic blend of carefully selected, nutrient rich, real foods and probiotics to support women’s health before, during and after pregnancy. A food to incorporate into your diet to elevate your nutrient intake throughout your journey.

Whilst it is called ‘Mothers Essentials’, it is of course beneficial to anyone that tolerates the ingredients. The foods were carefully selected and are in safe amounts to suit those that are pregnant and breastfeeding.


Fermented blend (all organic and naturally fermented red lentils, camu camu, broccoli, chlorella, spinach, pepitas, beetroot, molasses), organic beetroot juice, freeze dried grass fed and free range beef liver, organic Atlantic kelp, organic stevia leaf.

Contains no gluten, dairy, synthetics, fillers, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. All natural, no GMO ingredients.


Mix 7.5g (1 1/2 teaspoons) into a small glass of water, juice, smoothie or sparkling probiotic beverage, or blend it through bliss balls, slices or anything you please! Keep it raw, so the nutrients remain intact and the probiotics remain live.

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